Digital first. Community focused. Creatively minded.

At our agency, we're all about blending creativity and technology. But let's start by talking about our creative side first. We're a group of digital natives who love sports and lifestyle. We find inspiration in compelling stories, and we have a knack for turning marketing briefs into content that truly leaves an impact.

Our team brings a range of skills and expertise to the table, including branding, campaign development, social media strategy and management, copywriting, graphic and web design, as well as motion graphics and video production. We're here to bring your ideas to life in the most engaging and captivating way possible.

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If it doesn’t exist, we build it.

At our agency, we bring together the worlds of creativity and technology. Our team consists of talented developers, UX/UI experts. Whether you have a vision for an impressive website or a user-friendly application, we have the skills and expertise to turn your ideas into reality. Collaborate with us, and you'll see the unique advantage of partnering with a creative agency that fully embraces technology.

We’re looking for long standing partnerships, not pay days.

Tech. Creative. Or a little bit of both. We are creators in the broadest sense. Working with Celapp Media gives you access to in-house creatives, a dedicated tech team and a broad business network.

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We put creativity, innovation and entreprenerial energy to work every day.

Tried and tested is a good starting point, but we're of the belief that one size does not fit all. From brand positioning, social strategy, content creation or a digital platform to house all the above, we bring your ideas and ambitions to life and let the data do the driving. Celapp Media creates engaging, impactful content and products—whatever your success needs that to be.

A skill born out of necessity; we’ve learned to be agile.

Working with celebrities and athletes who are famously unavailable or always on-the-go, we have streamlined our production process to within an inch of its life. Not only does this mean we can pick up projects on the fly; it also means you get more bang for your buck.

We have in-house Editors, Videographers and Photographers, Producers on standby and our own equipment ready for action.

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Fancy ideas are useless if they don’t convert.

At Celapp Media, we add value by following the data. All the hottest trends are challenged by cold hard realities. Brand positioning, targeting, social strategy and paid media are all put under the magnifying glass. Because if it looks pretty but doesn’t work, what’s the point?

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Every brand has a story. And every business needs a home.

Celapp Media was founded in 2019 to launch the first influencer apps in The Netherlands. A concept we realised and ran for big name celebrities and athletes with millions of fans and followers, and a trajectory that would expose the opportunities beyond the platform and shape the business we've become.

If we were capable of branding and building personalised apps, creating all the content to populate them and initiating commercial partnerships on the daily, we could be supporting more businesses in different ways.

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